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This was previously (before 2021/07/29) the CC BY-SA 3.0 license. That additional "SA" indicates the "ShareAlike" requirement, requiring users to share modifications they make to the code under the same license. I didn't fully understand this license when I chose it. My intent was always to require nothing more than linking back to the page. The ShareAlike license will continue to apply to contributions to the Games Database made before today (2021/07/29), since those contributions came from a variety of authors and I don't want to track them all down.

But since all content on GyroWiki outside of the Games Database is mine, all other content is now covered by the CC BY 4.0 license, regardless of when it was published. The whole point of this website is that you put this stuff in your games and make them play better. Please use what you find here! If you're copying or adapting code, just put a link in a comment next to it. Then do with it as you please!

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