Playing Sonic Robo Blast 2 with JoyShockMapper

All you need to know about playing Sonic Robo Blast 2 with JoyShockMapper:

  • Real World Calibration: 121.84
  • Mouse Control Mode: Camera
  • Raw Input: Yes

Have you ever wanted to try a platformer with flick stick? Good! So do I! Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a Sonic fangame originally built on Legacy DOOM, but has transformed into a lot more. It currently has a THRIVING modding community, and a solid amount of quality content baked into the base game already. The DOOM roots of this project make it a prime candidate to test out flick stick in a 3rd person platformer like this, seeing as the default renderer does not have perspective correct vertical camera movement, and even disables vertical mouselook by default. There is a true 3D option, but this game is fundamentally 2.5D a la DOOM '93 or the Build Engine games, and is never designed in a way that forces or generally encourages looking up or down, making the limitations of flick stick a moot point.

The real world calibration was designed with 1080p widescreen displays in mind. It may or may not work at higher resolutions, or at lower resolutions. Resolutions besides 1920x1080 have been tested in windowed mode and still work, however lower resolutions besides the maximum at fullscreen, especially when using the uncapped-plus.exe, may not work as intended and need to be recalibrated.

Real World Calibration: 121.84

Every game has a unique REAL_WORLD_CALIBRATION value that maps a mouse movement to the same in-game movement. For games that use the mouse, this makes it so that the same sensitivity values work identically across different games. For games where the mouse turns the camera, this is also what makes flick stick work correctly.


Mouse Controls: Camera

In this game, the mouse controls the camera. This means, when calibrated correctly, you can use the same gyro/stick sensitivities you already use in JoyShockMapper with other camera-mouse games, such as FPS, TPS, 3D platformers, etc.

This also means that JoyShockMapper configurations can correctly map real-life rotations of the controller to the same rotations in-game, and if you use the flick stick, you can flick the thumbstick in any direction to turn to face the same direction in-game in a fraction of a second.

In this game, the mouse controls an on-screen cursor. This means, when calibrated correctly, you can use the same gyro/stick sensitivities you already use in JoyShockMapper with other cursor-mouse games, such as RTS, 2D puzzlers, Dota-likes, etc.

Raw Input: Yes

Some games use raw mouse input — they are unaffected by your Windows mouse settings. This simplifies calibration. For games that don't use raw mouse input (such as Sonic Robo Blast 2), you'll need to ask JoyShockMapper to account for your Windows mouse sensitivity with the following command:


If you change your Windows mouse sensitivity while JoyShockMapper is running, you should COUNTER_OS_MOUSE_SPEED again, as JoyShockMapper only checks the setting when you give it this command.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 can use raw mouse input, or if it doesn't by default, it can be enabled in the options (this should be mentioned in the summary at the top of the page). This means that the game is unaffected by your Windows mouse settings, so JoyShockMapper doesn't need to counter those settings. By default, this doesn't require anything of JoyShockMapper, but if you've changed this behaviour (ie: used COUNTER_OS_MOUSE_SPEED) and don't want to RESET_MAPPINGS and undo all your changes, you can restore the default behaviour appropriate for games that use raw mouse input with the following command:


Game Sensitivity

Don't forget, you should always have IN_GAME_SENS set to your in-game mouse settings so JoyShockMapper can account for them. You can do this like so:

IN_GAME_SENS = <Sonic Robo Blast 2 Mouse Sens>

Further Reading

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