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Configuration to play Titanfall 2 with JoyShockMapper

# Configuration for Titanfall 2 for Gyro support only (DS4)
# Electronikcs


# Aim settings
# Gyro thresholds are in degrees per second

# Stick sensitivity is in degrees per second
HOME=CALIBRATE # Hold PS to Calibrate
GYRO_OFF = -   # Hold SHARE to recenter

Electronicks's Notes

For DS4 only. Titanfall 2 has DS4 support but there`s no option for gyro aiming. Fortunatley, it also has simultaneous KB/M input support. So with this config you get default DS4 controls with proper in game prompts, plus you get gyro aiming. Calibration is done with the PS button and recenter hands when holding SHARE.

How to Use this Config

Using JoyShockMapper configurations is easy once you know how. If you haven't used it before, check out the guide. For using a community config like this one, you only need to get through the first two sections — Installing JSM and Using an already-made configuration file.

Just copy the above configuration into a text file, change the IN_GAME_SENS to match your in-game settings, and then drag that file into JoyShockMapper and hit Enter to use it right away. Some games have their own limitations with certain controllers or require some extra setup, so make sure to check for any notes near top of the main Titanfall 2 page.