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Configuration to play State of Decay 2 with JoyShockMapper

#State Of Decay 2 Calibration


#Right stick settings
#Flick stick is on by default but if you want normal stick aim control put a "#" next to Right Stick Mode = Flick, and take off the "#" next to Right Stick Mode = Aim
# Use flick stick


#Use stick aim
# Stick sensitivity is in degrees per second
    STICK_SENS = 360

#State of Decay 2 doesn't have a number value shown in the game settings, so turn down all 3 mouse sensitivity settings to their lowest value

    IN_GAME_SENS = 1

# Aim settings
# Gyro sens of 1 means you'll turn the same amount in game as in the real world

    MAX_GYRO_SENS = 1.75

# Gyro thresholds are in degrees per second


# Button mappings

#All buttons line up with the standard game-pad layout.

    GYRO_OFF = E    #Hold the "East" button to realign gyro controls when they get off center, this is similar to having to lift and recenter a mouse on a mouse-pad
    UP = F    #Flashlight/Map zoom in
    RIGHT = J    #Select next item
    DOWN = I    #Open Inventory/Map zoom out 
    LEFT = K    #select previous item
    LLEFT = A    #Left stick for standard movement controls
    LRIGHT = D
    LUP = W
    LDOWN = S
    ZR = LMOUSE    #Grapple/Shoot/Transfer from vehicle locker/Rotate character right/Set map way-point
    ZL = RMOUSE    #Aim/Rotate character left
    R = Q    #Use Item/Next tab
    L = LSHIFT    #Turbo/Change seat mode/Previous tab
    N = E    #Fire mode/Exit vehicle/Skip Cinematics/Repair/Take one item/Interact
    W = R R    #Melee/Struggle/Finisher while grappling/Reload while aiming/Equip or unequip/Salvage (hold) to break item/(hold) delete save
    E = C NONE   #Dodge/(Hold)Gyro off
    S = SPACE SPACE   #Jump/Take or store item/Select/Fight for your life/Throw while grappling/Kick(assault)/Snap(gun slinging)
    L3 = LCONTROL    #Crouch
    R3 = Z    #Zoom/Horn/Favorite
    + = ESC    #Pause menu
    - = V    #Toggle menu screens

Sleepy Weeby's Notes

Set all 3 mouse sensitivities to their lowest value since they have no number value and set IN_GAME_SENS to 1(the config has it set to 1 by default so no worries forgetting). Setting it to the lowest makes the aiming and mouse movement much more fluid and pleasant. The overall goal was to have the controls have the same layout as Xinput on Dualshock4. However to accomplish this you'll need to rebind quite a number of keys to make the game feel normal on this config, yes it's a pain. Go thru the key bindings in your in game settings and have them match the config file's. Some issues, Laying down a waypoint on the mapscreen requires you to lightly tap RT because its one, if not the only thing in the game you can't rebind keys for any longer than a tap results in a click and drag of the map. Also, I couldn't think of a nice way to implement is the character zoom in and out function in the community tab so it doesn't work on the gamepad with this setup, but that doesn't impact the game really. If you're new to JoyShockMapper continue reading. To clarify if you see a binding in the config such as E = C, the left side of the equal sign "E" means the "East" face button or square on the Dualshock4. The right side of the equal sign "C" is the keyboard keybinding. So look at all the right side binding and set them in your in game keyboard settings. Only exception to this is GYRO_OFF = N, this tells you that the North face button, or triangle on Dualshock, when held down will disable gyro functions but will reactivate when released. This is used so you can reorient your controller direction without affecting the orientation in game. Useful for when after doing a sharp turn or aiming high up you're not constantly holding your controller in an uncomfortable and awkward position.

How to Use this Config

Using JoyShockMapper configurations is easy once you know how. If you haven't used it before, check out the guide. For using a community config like this one, you only need to get through the first two sections — Installing JSM and Using an already-made configuration file.

Just copy the above configuration into a text file, change the IN_GAME_SENS to match your in-game settings, and then drag that file into JoyShockMapper and hit Enter to use it right away. Some games have their own limitations with certain controllers or require some extra setup, so make sure to check for any notes near top of the main State of Decay 2 page.