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Configuration to play Half-Life 2 with JoyShockMapper

# Configuration for Half-Life 2 with gyro and flick stick
# TheGr3atJosh
# (Any line that starts with # is ignored by JoyShockMapper)
# First, reset to defaults so we don't have to set values we don't care about

# Calibrate. Flick stick relies on good calibration; gyro and stick sens make more sens with it, too
# Please tick the Raw input box in the in game mouse settings
# Please set IN_GAME_SENS to your in game mouse speed setting whenever you change it

# Button mappings (Please tick the "Fast weapon switch" box in the advanced keyboard settings)
LUP = W    # Move forward
LDOWN = S    # Move back
LLEFT = A    # Move left (strafe)
LRIGHT = D    # Move right (strafe)
L = LSHIFT    # Sprint (Move Quickly)
S = SPACE    # Jump
L3 = ^LCONTROL    # Duck
ZR = LMOUSE    # Primary attack
ZL = RMOUSE    # Secondary attack
E = R GYRO_TRACKBALL\    # Reload weapon (Tap = Reload, Hold = Gyro trackball)
W = E     # Use item (buttons, machines, ...)            
N = F    # Flashlight        
R3 = Z    # Suit Zoom
- = C    # Send/Recall Squad
R = 1\ G_    # Weapon category 1 (Tap = Crowbar, Hold = Gravity Gun)
UP= 2\ 2_ SCROLLDOWN_    # Weapon category 2 (Tap = USP Match, Hold = Colt Python)
RIGHT = 3\ 3_ SCROLLDOWN_    # Weapon category 3 (Tap = MP7, Hold = Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle)
DOWN = 4\ 4_ SCROLLDOWN_    # Weapon category 4 (Tap = Combine SPAS- 12, Hold = Resistance Crossbow)
L+R = 5\ 5_ SCROLLDOWN_    # Weapon category 5 (Tap = MK3A2 Grenade, Hold = Resistance RPG)
LEFT = 6    # Weapon category 6 (Bugbait)
+ = ESC    # Options

# Include mouse settings

TheGr3atJosh's Notes

Raw input is optional in this game. For the optimal experience, please tick the Raw input box in the in game mouse settings. The configuration file also requires you to tick the "Fast weapon switch" box in the advanced keyboard settings.

How to Use this Config

Using JoyShockMapper configurations is easy once you know how. If you haven't used it before, check out the guide. For using a community config like this one, you only need to get through the first two sections — Installing JSM and Using an already-made configuration file.

Just copy the above configuration into a text file, change the IN_GAME_SENS to match your in-game settings, and then drag that file into JoyShockMapper and hit Enter to use it right away. Some games have their own limitations with certain controllers or require some extra setup, so make sure to check for any notes near top of the main Half-Life 2 page.