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Configuration to play Gunfire Reborn with JoyShockMapper

# Example configuration for a 3D game (mouse turns the camera) with flick stick
# (Any line that starts with # is ignored by JoyShockMapper)
# First, reset to defaults so we don't have to set values we don't care about

# Calibrate. Flick stick relies on good calibration; gyro and stick sens make more sense with it, too
# Please set IN_GAME_SENS to your in game mouse speed setting whenever you change it :)
# Most modern shooters use raw input so they're unaffected by Windows' mouse settings. But if this game doesn't, use the following line (delete the "#") to counter the effects of Windows' settings so the configuration will work the same on different computers

# Button mappings
LLEFT = A               #WSAD is self explanatory
UP = 1                  #weapon 1
RIGHT = 2               #weapon 2
DOWN = 3                #weapon 3
LEFT = `                #last used weapon
ZR = GYRO_OFF           #gyro off 
ZL = LSHIFT             #dodge button, usable while firing!
R = LMOUSE              #fire
L = RMOUSE              #"weapon skill", often scope
N = B                   #switch fire mode
E = E Q                 #special ability 1 and 2
S = SPACE               #jump
W = R F                 #reload, interact
+ = ESC                 #menuing
- = TAB                 #menuing

# Mouse, call user set sensitivity and right stick functionality (look vs flick)

GammaLyrae's Notes

Loosely based on Jibb's Apex configuration for muscle memory purposes, with comments on what each button is meant to be doing

How to Use this Config

Using JoyShockMapper configurations is easy once you know how. If you haven't used it before, check out the guide. For using a community config like this one, you only need to get through the first two sections — Installing JSM and Using an already-made configuration file.

Just copy the above configuration into a text file, change the IN_GAME_SENS to match your in-game settings, and then drag that file into JoyShockMapper and hit Enter to use it right away. Some games have their own limitations with certain controllers or require some extra setup, so make sure to check for any notes near top of the main Gunfire Reborn page.