Posted by JibbSmartJibbSmart on 06 Oct 2022 12:15

Can we close the gap between mouse players and controller players without having the game artificially help the player with their aiming? Is there a natural, easy to pick up, fun to master, mouse-like input on standard modern controllers?

Yes. The gyro.

Some games offer inconsistent experiences with gyro controls. But the gyro gaming community have been enjoying well-defined standards for great gyro controls for years. These standards have been proven by tools like JoyShockMapper by countless player hours, and documented in detail for every game developer to use here on GyroWiki.

The presentation below is the most comprehensive overview of what good gyro controls look like today. Make this your checklist for your own implementation. For a deeper dive into specific design and implementation details, these slides include links to the original articles right here on GyroWiki.

I presented this talk at GCAP22 based on my extensive experience implementing controls like these, from humble but popular open source tools to AAA games played by millions upon millions of players.