Posted by JibbSmartJibbSmart on 30 Sep 2021 14:36

It's not uncommon for players discovering gyro aiming / motion controls for the first time to be looking for more games that support these features. What if we had a database of games with native gyro aiming? Or what if we could search for other accessibility features? Games of similar genres? Curated lists for people with particular needs or interests?

The Family Video Game Database does all this. It features a growing list of games on a wide variety of platforms, and I've been helping with how they tag motion control features. I also helped with a list of recommended games to try out for those looking to explore different kinds of motion controls. It's by no means a comprehensive list, but the database is growing, and suggestions are welcome. I've been really encouraged to learn how creator Andy Robertson values gyro aiming and wants to see it better represented in games generally, as well as in this database specifically. Check out our curated list here.