Posted by JibbSmartJibbSmart on 15 Feb 2020 14:20

JoyShockMapper 1.4 has been released!

Okay, it's been out a few weeks now. This is another one enjoying the benefits of some generous code contribution.

It's got:

  • Simultaneous and chorded presses;
  • Ring bindings (for triggering an input on full or partial tilt of a stick);
  • Bluetooth support for DS4;
  • Whitelisting helpers for those relying on other tools to hide the controller from games;
  • Gyro inversion on the fly;
  • A tray icon with a context menu full of helpful options when JSM is minimised…

And more. Check out the CHANGELOG to see what's new and the README to see how to use them. There's also a helpful video below covering some of the cooler features.

Get the latest version here.